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 “More comfort and a faster master for beginners

         and more control and less fatigue for the pros.”                                  

There are guitar, banjo, and sax straps.  Why in 500 years has there never been a violin or viola strap?


This physician invented and U.S. Patented Instrument Strap was designed to be used with any shoulder rest.  The elegant design simply slides under the fingerboard, wraps under the instrument and around your neck.  Pain and discomfort are eased by transferring pressure from the chin and shoulders to the back of the neck.

No attachments or clamps.  This revolutionary insertion and abutment approach has minimal contact with the instrument.  This contact is confined about the internal reinforcing block at the heel which is a non-vibratory nodal site.  The VioStraps end stop  is made from a non-marring, non-eluding plastic used in the manufacture of food storage containers to assure that the finish on the instrument is not affected.

All VioStraps are fully adjustable and come in Long, Regular, Medium and Small Lengths.   They come in a variety of colors that range from the concert black and white straps for formal engagements to a festive rainbow of choices to match any performer, mood, age or occasion.

The VioStrap was designed for the professional, the amateur and the student as bothBobbie Viostrap view_back a performance strap and a practice strap.  However, others have purchased the VioStrap simply for the hands-free capability that it affords them so they are free to teach their students or quickly switch between instruments while performing.  We hope you will try the VioStrap and let us know how it is working for you.

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 Hello!  I’m Steve Poff and I would like to introduce you to the VioStrap – a great new product to help you play your violin and viola.  At the age of 44 I decided to learn the violin.  The process was so painful that I thought, “Why isn’t there a strap for the violin like there is for my guitar and banjo?”

The goal to create a strap that transferred stress and pressure in the neck, chin and shoulders to the back of the neck led to the development of a revolutionary insertion and abutement design that secured the strap without harming the instrument or its sound.  The solution was so simple that  it was shocking to discover it had never been tried!  It made practicing more comfortable and playing more controlled.  My success with  this development led to obtaining a U.S. Patent, #7236731 B2.

Bobbie (my wife) and I are both musicians and enjoy listening to, as well as, making music. Bobbie manages VIOMARK,LLC  and VioStrap.  It is our hope that the VioStrap and The Hook will make playing more enjoyable and comfortable for all those who are using our straps.

VIOMARK,LLC dba VioStrap is located in Odessa, Florida and we are proud to say that the VioStrap is MADE IN THE USA.


 In Memory of Frank DiPaolo

Look, Cee, – I can play!  Those word to his wife from Frank DiPaolo, a violin and bass player,who played his whole life with the likes of Bobby Darin, Billie Holiday, Connie Francis, Jimmy Durante, Paul Anka and many others at venues like the Copacabanav and tfrankdipaolo_croppedhe Roxy Theater revealed the true value of the VioStrap.  Frank became the true inspiration to bring this product to market.  Frank had performed for royalty and for presidents with the Lester Lanin “High Society Band.”  He had trouble, later in life, holding onto his violin while playing vibrato.  The strap helped support the violin and enabled him to play for several more years until his passing in 2007.  Frank blessed many and we pay tribute to his memory and inspiration.