Gene Wie – Posted on Support

From Gene Wie, Posted on February 1, 2011

I had an adult student who for physical reasons could not support the violin, either with or without a shoulder rest.  Despite physical health issues, she still had an intense desire to play though!  The solution she found was the VioStrap:

Before anyone goes off on how this doesn’t work, isn’t ergonomic, blah blah blah…..for her and others who have needed it, it works superbly well.  It allowed her to relax into three-octave scales on the violin without the “grab and choke” shifting that gave her problems before.  The concept behind its design is brilliant, and properly adjusted, it does exactly what it advertises.

It is refreshing to know that despite the relative resistance to new technology in a relatively conservative art form, there are many people out there willing to push the envelope to make playing more accessible for people who would have otherwise been told “forget it, because of (insert reason here) you”ll never be able to play.