John P. – Denton, Texas

John P. – Denton, Texas – February 23, 2013 Hey Bobbie,      I just got the Viostrap today and I love it so far; so much so that I’m going to be advertising it all the time with my orchestra/viola studio friends at my college. I wrote this post earlier today that I’m planning to […]

Bill W. – Land O’ Lakes, Florida

  Bobbie, Sorry to take so long to reply, but I’ve been busy practicing new fiddle tunes. It is amazing how long I can practice when I use the Vio Strap. I’m 65 and didn’t play for many years, so when I started playing again a few years ago I was surprised at how soon […]

Gene Wie – Posted on Support

From Gene Wie, Posted on February 1, 2011 I had an adult student who for physical reasons could not support the violin, either with or without a shoulder rest.  Despite physical health issues, she still had an intense desire to play though!  The solution she found was the VioStrap: Before anyone goes off on […]

Lynn – Aubrey, Texas

Dear Bobbie, I simply cannot thank you enough.  The VioStrap has changed my life!  Yes, it’s that good!  I tried everything.  And I mean, every – THING…to work out my issues with holding up my cherished violin. I tried shoulder rests, chin rests, combinations… I even tried a car polishing pad!  Nothing kept it from […]